Saturday, April 11, 2015


Debut album cover 1982

One of my all time favorite bands from the '80s was Face to Face. Laurie Sargent was the lead singer. Stuart Kimball played lead guitar and is actually the one who formed the band in the '70s in New Hampshire. Angelo Petraglia also played guitar and keyboards (he also produced a Kings of Leon record for which he won a Grammy in 2010). John Ryder was on bass, and Billy Beard on drums. I
got a chance to see them perform several times, and really enjoyed hanging out with them. They signed with Epic Records in 1982.

Face to Face was one of those bands on the cusp of hitting it big with a song I love to this day. "10-9-8" was their most successful single from their debut, self-titled album. It peaked at #38 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1984. In addition to radio airplay, the video for the song was in heavy rotation on MTV. Here's the video for "10-9-8":

They had another single that I loved, titled "Under the Gun", but it didn't fare well. Face to Face never got very far. They changed labels (to Polygram) in 1988 and then the band broke up a year later. Their biggest commercial success was 10-9-8, but they had a lasting impression on me and many others in the music industry as well as a pretty solid following of fans. What do you think?

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