Saturday, April 9, 2050

How I Became An '80s Rock & Roll Radio Disc Jockey

Gerry Moylan on-air 1982 Photo by
Marcia P.
Near the end of first semester of my sophomore year at Southeastern Massachusetts University, Darmouth (today it's UMass Dartmouth), I was looking for some extra-curricular activities. One of my English professors suggested that I write for The Torch, the university’s weekly school newspaper. So I did.
I started writing funny stories about benign things like the shepherd’s pie they served in the school cafeteria. What did they put inside that pile of mush anyway? Then I moved onto deeper, more thoughtful stories. A young man I knew had gone missing after an off-campus party one night. I had attended the same kegger. Months later, after the winter thaw, his deflated body was found on the bank of the Westport River. He must have become