Monday, February 23, 2015

I’m Never Going to Another ‘80s Band Reunion Concert:

Attending One Takes Fans Back to a Wondrous Time Then Leaves Us Rotting Like Tomatoes in Our Reality

Spandau Ballet - Photo by Andrew Hurley via Flickr
I recently saw Spandau Ballet in concert at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. Having seen them twice in the ‘80s, I went with the expectation of being transported back to a time when I swore I had the world by the balls. What I left with was a nightmarish image of my aged contemporaries and paranoid thoughts of erectile dysfunction.

Instead of the traditional opening act (maybe an ‘80s one-hit wonder like Kajagoogoo or Dexys Midnight Runners), the promoters decided to have a washed-up radio DJ from the ‘80s come out onstage and ask trivia questions (I, too, am a washed-up radio DJ from the ‘80s, so I get a pass here.).